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WP Flat Cost Estimation Form Creator v2.2

Free Download WP Flat Cost Estimation Form Creator v2.2 Nulled

Create easily your own flat and responsive cost estimation popup form on your wordpress website .
This can be used to sell any type of service or products: applications, websites, graphics, pets, lunar fragments …. or anything else.

The user gets an accurate estimate of its request. The final estimation will be sent by email.

  • Fully responsive (even if your theme isn’t responsive !)
  • Multiple forms management
  • Dedicaced admin module
  • Customize colors, texts and currency
  • Items can be checkbox, textfields or pictures
  • Items can be grouped, required, selected by default, or have a negative cost
  • Items can be selected by quantities
  • Items images can be automaticly filled with the selected main color
  • Item may have a price or apply a percentage to the total
  • Step may depend on the selection of an item
  • Popup can easily be opened, using css class on link
  • The form can also be used as a template page or with shortcode
  • Fast & easy import/export data system (images included !)
  • WooCommerce support : items can be woo products, and can be added to cart automatically
  • You can create your own textfields in the last step
  • If you prefer, you can assign a Gravity Form to the last step
  • You can apply differents reductions depending on the quantity selected
  • Recover easily the selected items and datas with php
  • Confirmation email can be sent to the customer too
  • Progress bar can show total price or step number
  • Reactive support !
WP Flat Cost Estimation Form Creator v2.2 | FreezeTheme israr
WP Flat Cost Estimation Form Creator v2.2



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  • http://yougraph.fr Youcef Amar

    purchase code ? please

    • http://www.freezetheme.com/ FreezeTheme

      includeswpe-admin-menu.php line:2188 :D change it to whatever you want :D

      2nd option is estimation-form.php line 223 enjoy :D

      • Guest

        this line estimation-form.php line 223 what should I do ? thank you !

  • Bogdan

    I fail to solve the problem with license.
    Can you tell me what lines should be deleted?

    Thank you in advance !

    • http://www.freezetheme.com/ FreezeTheme

      You dont have to delete lines you have to enter “any” serialkey, did you checked the file and line which i told in below comment. Give it a try after installing enter the same serialkey in your admin pannel which you entered in file. Best of luck :D

      • Bogdan

        It does not work.

        I change the line:2188 (wpe-admin-menu.php) with the serialkey and I installed the plugin.
        The line:223 from estimation-form.php is untouched.
        I entered the same serialkey in my admin pannel, but no change is made.

        Sorry for my english.

        PS: I have WordPress 4.0 .

        • http://www.freezetheme.com/ FreezeTheme

          try entering serial without hyphen and make the changes after you install the plugin via ftp. Keep trying, if you still find it difficult then i would recommend you should purchase the software.

    • Lyheang IBell

      Hello ! try to find this table : wp_wpefc_settings past code in filed : purchaseCode and then update filed updated set number 0 . it is work well

  • Lyheang IBell

    Hello ! I am try to put code c52d924c-3b02-4f91-8156-1b9a0a58f316 but It still is not working well ! can you help me ?

  • Lyheang IBell

    Thank you! I have done it !

  • Joao

    Awersome plugin!
    I have the version 9.3.2, no purchase code needed.
    Download: https://mega.nz/#!WdEhyBrJ!-gW1askvrXxVkTczSdG2F-3inchofaNyceH-WRvFPaw
    (No malware).